Realtor Reviews

Word on the Street!

“Cumberland Contracts has changed my business in an incredibly positive way, not only from a client services standpoint, but also freeing up my time to focus on opportunities to grow. 

This company understands how to service real estate agents, focusing not only on paperwork, but on keeping the client constantly informed throughout the contract-to-close process.”

Chad Wohlers

Village Real Estate

“The Cumberland Contracts team has been a wonderful addition to my business. With the tight due diligence timeframes and stringent closing requirements in today’s market, CC has always gone above and beyond to make certian that my transactions get the appropriate attention and action required.

I highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to grow their business and do twice as many transaction as the previous year.”

Stephanie Caddo

Realty One Group

“5 Stars aren’t enough to rate how valuable I find using Cumberland Contracts. With my transaction coordinator, I know nothing will ‘slip thorough the cracks’.

Having them handle the contract-to-close deatils such as scheduling inspections, monitoring contractual deadlines, and staying in touch with our co-broker allows me to spend more time generating businesses. It also allows me the peace of mind to lay my head down at night without panicking that I missed something during the day!

Cumberland’s systems are far better than my own, and we work seamlessly together on my files in DotLoop. I emphatically endorse them!”

Dawne Davis

PARKS Real Estate

“I owe much gratitude to Cumberland Contracts.

If my clients are the blood, they are the vein to the heart of my business!”

Elliott Thomas

PARKS Real Estate

“I highly recommend Cumberland Contracts! The team works hard to respond quickly and keep everything so organized. I would not have survived my busiest month without them. They allowed me to relax and concentrate on my clients and their needs instead of chasing papework, typing repair amendments, and keeping track of the closing process. What an incredible service!

Cindy Lockhart


“Cumberland Contracts does an outstanding job making sure our contracts are correct and all the wheels are turning, as we move towards a closing.

Our Cumberland Coordinator is throrough, dependable, and easy to communicate with. She knows what to do, even when we may be unsure of something. Having her on our side makes our lives much, much better. With Cumberland handling our contracts, we are free to do what we do best.”

The Infill Team

“Cumberland Contracts always plays a vital role in keeping a transaction on track for a timely closing. Their contract coorindators assist us in faciliating items needed from title companies, HOAs, sellers, and other agents. Their attention to detail always makes for a smooth closing, and they make my life as a lender much easier!”

Christian Poling

Farmington Mortgage